Blue I

NE3 now represents the Blue I series of analyzers.  Primarily thought of as a Chlorine analyzer, these unit typically do so much more.  For starters, one unit and do both Total and Free chlorine in the same unit.

There are 4 units.  The 702, the 702 TurbiPlus with Turbidity, the 602 and the Smart LEA (Low Energy Analyzer, battery powered/solar panel/remote operations).

Smart LEA datasheet rev 1.53 US

The 702 units are Colorimetric.  The 602 and the Smart LEA are Amperometric.

HG 702 datasheet rev 1.59 US


The 702 units are great.  They have a wide CL2 operating range of 0 to 10 ppm.  Self Calibration.  Unique photo-cell with “mixing/bubble elimination/self-cleaning” design.  Easy maintenance and Low Reagent usage.

The 602 and the Smart LEA is ideal for remote locations.  Extremely long battery life.  Solar Panel Option.  Comes with a modem for 2 way communication.  IP67 and UV resistant so the unit can be installed almost anywhere.

HG 602 datasheet rev 1.18 US

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