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Dynamic Water Control Gates


Dynamic Water Control Gates offers a broad range of quality gates for various fields of application such as sewage treatment, water filtration, drainage and irrigation systems. We custom manufacture a variety of water control gates such as; slide gates, channel gates, weir gates, stop gates, flap gates, mud valves and telescopic valves.

Our water control gates are available in a wide selection of preferred sizes, design heads and fabrication materials. Dynamics custom design & manufacturing department is available for those special fit applications.

We would be pleased to help you with your project. Take a look at our quality products and professional service


History of Dynamic Water Control Gates


The foundation of Dynamic Water Control Gates is based upon 40 years of product development and field experience with water and sewage control.

The company was started in 1985 by providing water control gates and gate products to the water and wastewater market. Our experience, extensive research, quality products and personalized service have been satisfying customers all over North America.




Dynamic Water Control Gates provides quality products that meet or exceed the allowable leakage rate of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) standard C561-04 for Fabricated Stainless Steel Slide Gates and AWWA standard C513 for Open-Channel, Fabricated-Metal Slide Gates and Open-Channel, Fabricated-Metal Weir Gate. Our shop is an ISO 9001 facility manufacturing products to NSF61 standards.






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Here is the link to the Dynamic Web site.




Here is the link to slide gates http://www.dynamicslidegates.com/en-slidegates.asp


Here is the link to the channel gates http://www.dynamicslidegates.com/en-channelgates.asp


Here is the link to the weir gates. http://www.dynamicslidegates.com/en-weirgates.asp


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