Penn Valley Pump (PVP)

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Leading the way in Free Diaphragm Pump Technology, Penn Valley Pump has over 25 years of design, development, manufacture and application expertise of Double Disc Pumps worldwide. 

Designed for the most demanding applications, Penn Valley Pumps have shown consistent capability for all types of sludge pumping requirements while remaining cost effective and very competitive. 

Penn Valley reviews your application requirement and draws upon their vast experience in selecting the optimum pump for maximum performance, efficiency and economy.

6-inch-pump-photo DSCN0503

Newport RI Truck Fill           Newburyport Sludge Pumps

Click the links below to view the following:

Pump features

Typical Equipment Schematic:

Piggy Back

Side Mount

Learn about the upgraded performance of the 3 most popular pumps.

Click here to see:
1. The new hinge Pins
2. The new Swan Neck
3. The new Aluminum Pedastals
(Also note the pump is now supported by the “Top Section”)

Click here to see 4 – 6″ pumps with Piggy Back Motors ready to be shipped



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