Success Stories

Tideflex Course Bubble – Hudson MA

Success: Matt Calderiso Chooses Penn Valley Pump 

Bristol, RI needed a new sludge pump. The existing plunger pump required a lot of maintenance and would become clogged with the smallest item. Matt Calderiso, Superintendent, had heard about the Penn Valley Pump located down at the Quanset WWTF. Matt drove down and met with Dennis Colberg to gain first hand knowledge of how the PVP pump performs. 

Old Plunger Pump Plunger Pump Removed

Matt was impressed with the PVP pumps and contacted NE3 about his application. Once he completed the Application Data Sheet with all the important performance criteria such as required flow, percent solids, suction and discharge heads, PVP sized a pump for the application and provided a quote and a technical drawing. 

Matt had an interesting installation area. Preston Campbell of PVP and Bob Mack of NE3 visited with Matt to discuss how to install the PVP pump. In this particular case PVP fabricated a custom inlet Swan Neck to accommodate the low elevation of the inlet pipe. Matt ordered the pump and installed it himself. Matt will be replacing his other plunger pumps with PVP Double Disk Pumps. 

Thanks Matt and Thanks Dennis! 

Please contact Bob Mack at 888-787-0900 for Matt and Dennis’s phone numbers. 


ss.pump.2 ss.pump.3
Trouble Free Penn Valley Pump Installed!!!!






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