there is no better name to trust!


(l-r) Parshall Flume, H-Flume, Palmer-Bowlus Flume
A manufacturer of high quality, dimensionally stable, corrosion resistant, and readily available fiberglass reinforced plastic products for the Water and Wastewater Industries. We understand the urgency of construction deadlines and pride ourselves on our record of on-time deliveries. TRACOM manufactures a complete line of flow metering flumes, packaged metering manholes, building and enclosures for samplers, flow meters, and other instruments.


TRACOM offers the ability to customize and produce specific products according to your needs with our excellent Technical Support and Engineering capabilities.


0.5H flume with 6″ approach and discharge (Weymouth Elementary School)


Building housing a large JWC Auger Monster (TEXP) small control building attached (Barnstable House of Correction)

Click here to go to the TRACOM Web Site


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