Red Valve Company 

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rv.homepageOffering four great products: Pinch Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Expansion Joints and Pressure Sensors. All these products are made in Pittsburg, PA. USA. 

The pinch valves are the superior choice for any sludge line. The sludge DOES NOT TOUCH THE MECHANISM like it does with plug valves, gate valves and other similar valves. After ten years of service the valve is easy to close, just like it was on DAY ONE. 


Click here for more info on these Red Valve Products.


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5800 Image

The new 5800 refrigerated sampler is designed for Influent and Effluent sampling. Isco has taken all of the best features and incorporated them into this new sampler. 

Click below to find out more about the 5800 Refrigerated Sampler.

Penn Valley Pump (PVP)

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If you have not seen the upgraded pump, you’re in for a surprise!

The upgraded design will pump 30% more flow at the same pump speed or run 30% slower and pump the same flow!!

Either way the pump will last longer than our older design. This new design is higher off the floor allowing access to the new hinged bottom housings

PVP will do a free 60 Day trial/demo. Give us a chance to prove it to you